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Hi! I’m Lauren.

I have a lot of things to tell you but first and foremost I’m glad you’re here. 

Not too long ago my husband and I jumped on our first startup idea to build a physician freelancing platform to help clinicians redefine their medical career path and put themselves in the driver’s seat on finding fulfilling nonclinical work outside of patient care to complement their lives as physicians. We had a vision of decreasing physician burnout one side gig at a time by valuing doctors in a whole new way, adding more time and income for them to enjoy the normal pleasures of life, all the while connecting clinical expertise to the massive innovation of digital health happening outside of hospital walls. Shortly after we were lucky to be acquired by GoodRx who continues to improve physicians’ lives inside and outside the exam room through tools, education, and patient facing access and adherence services.  

Now, I’m extraordinarily privileged to be in a position to contribute to the initiatives I care most about in an effort to drive lasting impact in (you guessed it!) the women’s healthcare space. 

I’m a master at to-do lists with new ideas constantly being prototyped which makes me your new best friend, fierce thought partner and collaborator. I like to get at the heart of a problem quickly with real solutions. I’m on a personal mission to learn everything I can about the current state of maternal health in the US, where the gaps are, who’s digging in and where the most promising solutions are. I privately invest and mentor startup founders in women’s health, and I truly would love to get to know you!

About Me.

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