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What is the MHP?

The Maternal Health Project is a think tank dedicated to advancing women's health by developing innovative and equitable approaches to care. Our mission is to challenge traditional models of women's health and find new ways to expand access, improve outcomes, and promote health and well-being for all women, regardless of background, status, or ability. We understand that it isn’t the job of one stakeholder to repair and resolve the current women’s health crisis. Instead all of the players need limits removed to take actionable steps in the right path forward.



The Maternal Health Project is committed to driving innovation in women's healthcare. We work with experts from a variety of fields to develop new technologies, products, and services that improve women's health outcomes. We also provide recommendations for policies, systems, and practices that support innovation in women's healthcare.


  • Develop new models of care that prioritize equity, accessibility, and affordability for women's health.

  • Advocate for policies and systems that support universal access to high-quality women's healthcare.

  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation across the women's health landscape.

  • Conduct research and analysis to better understand the unique needs and experiences of women across different stages of life.

  • Promote community engagement and empowerment in women's healthcare decision-making.

  • Train and educate healthcare providers and leaders on the importance of equitable and inclusive women's health.

  • Provide recommendations for innovation in women's healthcare, including new technologies, products, and services that improve women's health outcomes.



Through these objectives, The Maternal Health Project aims to create a women's healthcare system that is truly limitless in its ability to serve all women, regardless of their circumstances. By breaking down barriers and promoting innovation and equity in women's health, we believe that we can create a brighter and healthier future for all women.


We will spend time re-imagining individual and community experiences of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period from the ground up, from multiple points of view.

Areas of Focus

  • Pregnancy

  • Fertility

  • Childbirthing (L&D and Preterm birth)

  • Morbidity and mortality

  • Mental Health and Postpartum

  • Hormones & Menstrual Health

  • Illnesses, Diseases and Conditions that disproportionately or differently impact the female body

  • Reproductive rights

  • Sexual Health

  • Trans and LGBTQIA+ Experiences

  • Stigmatized maternal care

  • Rural health

  • Employer and government contributions

  • Patient Experience



  1. Rigorous Literature Review: We will conduct a comprehensive literature review to identify the most pressing issues and opportunities in maternal health, drawing from both academic research and industry reports.

  2. Data Analysis: We will leverage quantitative data analysis to identify trends, patterns, and gaps in the available data on maternal health outcomes, as well as to understand the impact of existing interventions.

  3. Expert Interviews: We will consult with leading experts in maternal health, including healthcare providers, public health professionals, researchers, and industry leaders, to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities in this field.

  4. Stakeholder Mapping: We will map the maternal health ecosystem to identify key stakeholders and potential partners, including healthcare providers, policymakers, investors, and entrepreneurs.

  5. Case Studies: We will examine case studies of successful maternal health interventions, including both traditional healthcare interventions and innovative digital health solutions.

  6. Market Analysis: We will conduct a detailed market analysis to identify emerging trends and potential opportunities for innovation in the maternal health space.

  7. Innovative Approaches: We will explore innovative approaches to maternal health, including emerging technologies, alternative care models, and novel partnerships, to identify promising opportunities for impact.

  8. Staying Ahead of the Curve: We will continuously monitor the maternal health landscape for changes in policies, medical advancements, and emerging players, to stay at the forefront of this dynamic industry and identify new opportunities for impact, meaning this process repeats.

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