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Our Big Picture

Hysteria Ventures

Hysteria Ventures invests, grows, and funds ideas that will repair and resolve the current women’s health crisis.

Startup Studio

We're confident we know this space intimately. This allows us to identify and act on gaps that future companies could fill and others might miss. We believe that current solutions in the market need more critical thinking and innovation. To truly make an impact, we believe that it's important to step out of the safe zone and create scalable solutions that can be supported by venture capital.



We know we aren't the only ones with great ideas. The maternal health space needs rapid innovation and we have the tools to get you started on building a strong company foundation with market validation and a team of supporters to help you build, launch, grow and raise. Let us help you move faster. 


Fund 01

For companies already formed in this space our fund invests in early stage companies pre-seed through Series A. Beyond capital investment we bring expertise as startup operators, public health professionals, clinicians, and marketing experts. By supporting promising ventures in this space, we aim to lift all boats and drive progress towards better maternal health outcomes for all.

Ready to build with Hysteria?

Don't wait to make a difference in the maternal health space.  Apply now and let's work together to create impactful solutions.

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